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We are all about enabling individuals, groups and business to reach their maximum potential.

We achieve this collaboratively by getting to know you and understanding your strategic goals, values and the needs of you or your business.


By recognising and realising your ability and empowering you we can help lead you through any changes you may need to make.

Areas that we cover include leadership development, talent management, internal communications, employee engagement, sales training, change and transition management and organisational development.

Our values are based in seeing both individuals and businesses flourish, generate mutual respect and identify clear purpose.

Our constructive approach to change and positive attitude to the individual aims to make not only the journey and the destination exciting...but who know's even fun.


the skills cabinet


Ben has over 20 years management experience working in a variety of sectors including retail, food and beverage, heritage visitor experience and management consultancy.

Using his consultancy background Ben develops a keen understanding of organisational objectives and designs programs to help teams reach those goals.

Through 1:1 coaching he is also able to help individuals understand their personal motivation and values so they can reach their maximum potential.


In three words?...interested, dynamic, provocative.


Mary has over 20 years experience as a consultant, helping teams implement business change.


She has also delivered technology and process improvement projects across a number of different sectors, countries and business areas.


Using a combination of her business and life experiences, NLP and a variety of other techniques, she helps individuals and teams gain clarity on what they want (and why) and helps them discover new options to achieve that.

In three words?...cheerful, inquisitive, authentic.

Dan has been in leadership, talent management and learning and development for well over 10 years both in the UK, Europe, America and the Far East.

His experience spans restaurants, large scale visitor attractions and the leisure industry.

Dan has designed multiple talent programs including recruitment, induction and staff retention, resulting in higher staff satisfaction and reduced turnover in head count.


In three words?... wise, energetic,


the A-team

Hazel is one of our business psychologists with over 12 years’ experience in organisational development. She has worked extensively with local councils, the police force as well as fire and rescue services.


She is also an experienced Insights Discovery practitioner, using the behavioural model to help unlock tension and challenge within and between teams, helping them to improve their performance. 


Using it  together with her coaching practice, Hazel helps to build self-awareness, identify blind spots and achieve transformational change.


Hazel applies business psychology to create positive spaces to think and learn, enabling individuals and groups to connect to what really matters to them, inspiring lasting and meaningful change. 

In three words?...positive, courageous and challenging.

We also have an extensive network of trusted associates that we use to compliment our skills and backgrounds.

Among their backgrounds we can call on sports psychologists, NLP master practitioners, leadership specialists and technology experts to name but a few.

They have  experience in a wide variety of sectors including (but not limited to) education, pharmaceuticals, IT, retail, audit & compliance and public sector bodies.

In three words?...varied, expert, flexible.

don't take our word for it...


— Nic, CEO, London

“it's the best coaching I've 

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You gave me the insight and tools to help me see what's happening...”


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